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Miniconomy Política de Privacidade

If you visit this website or you have created an account, then this website is processing your personal data. In this privacy statement you can read what data we collect, why we collect it and for how long we store the information.

The creators of Miniconomy value the right of privacy and therefore try to protect Miniconomy players and website visitors as much as possible. The way we achieve this is by:

What personal information do we use?

Information we store Why do we store this information? For how long do we store this information?
Your IP address
  • To prevent farming (having multiple account helping each other)
  • To determine from which country you are and to determine which language we should offer the game in
  • To keep the website safe and available
For users with an account: for a maximum of 1 year
For website visitors: 10 days
Your e-mail address
  • To verify your account
  • To keep you informed about your account status and (changes in) Terms and Conditions of Miniconomy
  • To facilitate orders made through the website (credit purchases)
  • To keep you informed about events in the game (only if you opted in for this)
As long as your account is active. If your account is deactivated, your e-mail address will be stored in such a way it is not useable anymore. If you delete your account, your e-mail address will also be deleted.
Information in your player profile (managed by you)
  • We store this information because you have linked it to your player profile. The information is managed by you and can be fully or partly fictitious. You decide for yourself what information you share. All information is visible for all Miniconomy players. If you are younger than 16 years of age, you are requested to ask permission from your parent(s) or legal guardian.
As long as your account is active you decide for yourself what profile information is stored. If you delete your account, the information in your profile is deleted too.
Messages in clubs, chat, your notepad, the news feed and in-game text messages (SMS) As long as the information is required in regards to the transfer of information. When the information is no longer required it will be deleted within one year.
Your name (students accounts only)
  • To allow your teacher to know who you are
As long as your account is active. If your account is deactivated, this information will be stored in such a way it is not useable anymore. If you delete your account, this information will also be deleted.
Your player name
  • To identify accounts
  • To publish results of past rounds
  • After removal of an account: to prevent abuse of previously registered names by other people and to prevent others from profiting from your achievements
As long as needed to prevent abuse and to keep game results available. If account names contrain personally identifiable information the name can be changed or removed. Please contact the Federals to request a name change or deletion.
Payment information
  • To process payments
  • To refund payments
  • To comply with tax legislations
According to the legal retention period


All connections to Miniconomy pages are secured and encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This ensures that no information sent between your browser and the Miniconomy server can be read or altered by third parties. The connections with our payment providers are also using SSL.

Use of cookies

Miniconomy uses cookies (tiny pieces of information stored in your browser) and session storage to:

All cookies are stored for a maximum duration of one year, but you can remove them any time you want. Read the manual of your browser on how to delete cookies. Session storage will be deleted when you close your browser.

Viewing and downloading your data

If you are logged in it is possible to view and download the data we store about you and your account.

Check out the General Terms and Conditions for more information about privacy in Miniconomy.

Last update: 05/24/18 21:00

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