The most important rules of Miniconomy

A safe game

  1. Everyone has freedom of:
    • expression
    • religion
    • political opinion
  2. Texts and/or images can't be offensive or insulting. Nobody is allowed to insult, deceive, threaten or slander someone.
  3. Everyone situated in Miniconomy will be treated equally. Discrimination because of one's religion, philosophy of live, political persuasion, race, sex, or any other base, is not allowed.

An honest game

  1. Conflict of interest between multiple accounts and Miniconomy Ventures (MVs) with the same owner and/or IP address is forbidden.
  2. A player is allowed to trade with only one account per city.
  3. A player is allowed to commit crimes with only one account.
  4. It is prohibited to manage citizens which are meant to or used to serve the benefit of another.

Trade rules

  1. Players are only allowed to transfer more then 100 I-Shells after signing a contract.
  2. It's forbidden for players to agree with other players to keep prices artificially high.
  3. Players are not allowed to trade stocks of the city or cities in which they own a store.
  4. Players are not allowed to affect the stock market or to profit from affected stocks.
  5. Players aren't allowed to trade between their Miniconomy Venture and their account, not even using a middleman.

Game managers

  1. Miniconomy is managed by game managers, recognizable by the Federal status ().
  2. Game managers are helped by the CBI ().
  3. Players are obliged to cooperate with the game leaders and the CBI.
  4. Follow the game rules, violation can lead to fines or bankruptcy.

For more information, see the exact rules (laws). For questions, see the club 'Assistants, Tips and Tricks'