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Results of in-between round 116b

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Winner: Brayden Lotbuyer
# Player name Home town Country Net worth
1. Brayden LotbuyerAlpha IslandAlpha Island510,069.72
2. Emily SkillAlpha IslandAlpha Island467,183.37
3. Jaxon ThiefBeta IslandBeta Island131,863.14
4. Layla TimAlpha IslandAlpha Island48,674.30
5. Henry BackpackBeta IslandBeta Island27,738.00
6. Julian PremiumAlpha IslandAlpha Island27,190.29
7. Michael ClayBeta IslandBeta Island18,123.70
8. Xavier SellersAlpha IslandAlpha Island16,468.04
9. David IronAlpha IslandAlpha Island11,468.85
10. Charlotte GoodieAlpha IslandAlpha Island9,777.73
11. Oliver MarksonAlpha IslandAlpha Island8,820.10
12. Hailey MegastoreAlpha IslandAlpha Island8,453.76
13. Dominic LibrarianAlpha IslandAlpha Island8,272.00
14. Tristan BodyguardBeta IslandBeta Island7,891.01
15. Dylan BrickAlpha IslandAlpha Island7,852.00
16. Sofia LamciaBeta IslandBeta Island6,915.01
17. Nathan StonesellerBeta IslandBeta Island6,839.96
18. Sebastian BankrobberAlpha IslandAlpha Island6,635.38
19. Easton ResourceBeta IslandBeta Island6,552.00
20. Natalie SubdomainBeta IslandBeta Island6,540.01
21. Carlos ChatterBeta IslandBeta Island6,434.40
22. Austin CloudkillerBeta IslandBeta Island6,302.00
23. Evelyn StatisticAlpha IslandAlpha Island5,854.94
24. Gabriel OvenAlpha IslandAlpha Island5,702.00
25. Hudson FlooderBeta IslandBeta Island4,305.73
26. Kaylee RoadsBeta IslandBeta Island4,159.92
27. Liam CarAlpha IslandAlpha Island3,800.09
28. Wyatt MapAlpha IslandAlpha Island3,779.54
29. Isabella BulldozeAlpha IslandAlpha Island3,676.93
30. Robert BuilderAlpha IslandAlpha Island3,576.06
31. Olivia PlayerAlpha IslandAlpha Island3,494.98
32. Jose PropertyAlpha IslandAlpha Island3,394.19
33. Levi GarageAlpha IslandAlpha Island2,789.59
34. William CameraAlpha IslandAlpha Island2,716.30
35. Josiah CreditbuyerAlpha IslandAlpha Island2,519.03
36. Jackson EngineBeta IslandBeta Island2,515.17
37. Jonathan WoodAlpha IslandAlpha Island2,482.08
38. Logan MachineAlpha IslandAlpha Island2,088.06
39. Landon TruckBeta IslandBeta Island1,744.55
40. Madison CaptainAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,712.84
41. Caleb TelephoneAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,620.14
42. Colton RobberBeta IslandBeta Island1,484.92
43. Brandon HousemanAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,456.57
44. Ella SeaAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,364.38
45. Ayden VoterAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,253.60
46. Leah ShedAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,126.90
47. Aubrey FarmerarriAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,119.88
48. Jayden ChipAlpha IslandAlpha Island918.23
49. Angel ShopperBeta IslandBeta Island773.60
50. Luke SpammerAlpha IslandAlpha Island760.09
51. Addison ServiceBeta IslandBeta Island699.31
52. Samuel PlasticAlpha IslandAlpha Island567.70
53. Nolan BatterAlpha IslandAlpha Island489.60
54. Isaiah CreditAlpha IslandAlpha Island381.03
55. Andrew GunpowderAlpha IslandAlpha Island299.28
56. Anthony GlassAlpha IslandAlpha Island182.18
57. Matthew DiamondsAlpha IslandAlpha Island5.00
58. Aiden DiamondAlpha IslandAlpha Island-99.00
59. Lucas SawAlpha IslandAlpha Island-1,167.25
X Charles PosterBeta IslandBeta Island4,617.44
X Jordan PriestBeta IslandBeta Island1,965.97
X Joshua GunAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,958.45
X Alexander ComputerAlpha IslandAlpha Island1,641.88
X Ethan ShipAlpha IslandAlpha Island951.07
X John ScrewdriverBeta IslandBeta Island76.73
X Chase NewspaperBeta IslandBeta Island45.02
X Joseph Iron OreBeta IslandBeta Island-22.86
X Mia SkillpointAlpha IslandAlpha Island-352.09
X Zoe KronadaxBeta IslandBeta Island-801.95
X Elijah ExplosiveAlpha IslandAlpha Island-1,104.71
X Abigail RequesterAlpha IslandAlpha Island-1,146.29
X Carter FeedreaderAlpha IslandAlpha Island-1,222.63
X Ryan PumpBeta IslandBeta Island-1,577.27
X Juan ReaderBeta IslandBeta Island-1,673.74
X Lillian UnionBeta IslandBeta Island-1,726.17
X Hannah QueenAlpha IslandAlpha Island-1,801.81
X Jace FarmerBeta IslandBeta Island-1,832.27
X Jacob AeroplaneBeta IslandBeta Island-2,299.85
X Parker BuyersBeta IslandBeta Island-2,326.40
X Noah BulletproofAlpha IslandAlpha Island-2,397.26
X Bryson ChatbotBeta IslandBeta Island-2,407.99
X Benjamin GoldBeta IslandBeta Island-2,489.55
X Grace KingAlpha IslandAlpha Island-2,722.69
X Pete SailorBeta IslandBeta Island-2,875.10
X Aaron AdvancedBeta IslandBeta Island-2,877.94
X Daniel Diamond-DrillBeta IslandBeta Island-2,963.28
X Tyler CitizenBeta IslandBeta Island-3,017.11
X Jack NasdaqarAlpha IslandAlpha Island-3,044.31
X Hunter CashingtonBeta IslandBeta Island-3,185.59
X Brooklyn MessageBeta IslandBeta Island-3,200.26
X Connor MechanicAlpha IslandAlpha Island-3,264.13
X Avery LawsonBeta IslandBeta Island-3,366.63
X Isaac ShovelAlpha IslandAlpha Island-3,708.00
X Samantha TutorialAlpha IslandAlpha Island-4,014.17
X Elizabeth TouristBeta IslandBeta Island-4,023.74
X Ava TimelogAlpha IslandAlpha Island-4,079.95
X Victoria FaqBeta IslandBeta Island-4,273.24
X Bentley LotownerBeta IslandBeta Island-4,552.82
X Luis TaximanAlpha IslandAlpha Island-4,562.51
X Kayden BomberBeta IslandBeta Island-4,618.71
X Cameron ExpertBeta IslandBeta Island-4,655.53
X Carson BannedBeta IslandBeta Island-4,727.52
X Chloe StudentBeta IslandBeta Island-5,078.40
X Harper SupporterAlpha IslandAlpha Island-5,502.06
X Jason IbishaBeta IslandBeta Island-5,534.81
X Ryder JailsonAlpha IslandAlpha Island-5,536.28
X Adrian StocktraderBeta IslandBeta Island-5,678.71
X Mason AlarmBeta IslandBeta Island-5,701.93
X Emma StreetBeta IslandBeta Island-5,853.51
X Christian TreeBeta IslandBeta Island-5,856.74
X Gavin McStockBeta IslandBeta Island-6,001.60
X Ian McStreetBeta IslandBeta Island-6,007.88
X Thomas TranslatorAlpha IslandAlpha Island-6,295.40
X Owen AuctionBeta IslandBeta Island-6,971.81
X Alex TransporterBeta IslandBeta Island-7,666.58
X Jeremiah CentropolisBeta IslandBeta Island-8,251.01
X Nicholas CheaterBeta IslandBeta Island-8,357.50
X James GasBeta IslandBeta Island-8,540.55
X Grayson BrickyBeta IslandBeta Island-8,703.01
X Cooper ContractBeta IslandBeta Island-9,306.93
X Nathan ShipAlpha IslandAlpha Island-10,078.84
X Amelia MayorBeta IslandBeta Island-10,582.29
X Sophia MapsBeta IslandBeta Island-12,380.80
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