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In October 2001 computer science student Wouter Leenards had the idea to create a realistic economic trading game to be played online. Together with his brother, Mark Leenards, he developed his plan further, and eventually created Miniconomy.

He worked very hard on this for a couple of months, supported by Mark and some friends. Mark, as a business administration student, focused on the economic aspects of the game, whereas Wouter did the programming. The result is a unique online game for everybody who is interested in trading, economics and games. The advantage of Miniconomy is that it can be played on your browser, so with any internet connection; at home, in the office, at school or at a friend's house. The first public round of Miniconomy started on January 1st 2002.

The original idea, a game where economy is simulated, sprung from a combination of imagination and the strengths of other well known game concepts. In most games, however, trading and all its characteristics are not the key. In Miniconomy the trading is the key, and therefore has realistic situations. Monopoly, price fixing, shortage, threats, robbery and abuse of power occur.
Nowadays there is even a political and social structure by the players that keeps the players together.

We chose a small amount of products, so every player has a reasonable overview of the market. However, the road to success is never the same.

Special thanks to Aschwin Staupe for designing the new product icons

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